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The Knowledge Exchange is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation founded in Fredericksburg, Virginia on April 30th, 2020. We are a diverse team of passionate professionals who realize that quality education is oftentimes unattainable for the majority of Americans. Our mission is that quality education is a right, not a privilege– we strive to teach our community about life!


I stand behind TKE’s mission of providing equitable educational opportunities for all. Communities succeed when organizations like TKE seek to intimately understand and provide necessary resources that cannot be fulfilled by larger institutions. As a federal consultant, I have learned that powerful cultural change comes from the bottom up, and I am honored to provide guidance and leadership to this passionate group of change agents.”
“I firmly believe that inside of each of us, regardless of external circumstance, there is a genius who hides away until brought out by just the right stimulus. It is passionate people like the team at TKE who can bring about this realization for students. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to serve on the board of an organization like TKE, which strives to provide access to a higher quality education for the community.”
“I decided to join TKE as I felt that it would be an opportunity to better help serve Fredericksburg City and the diverse community that we are a part of. I also wanted to better interact and provide resources for the students that I work with. As a board member I hope that I will be present with the means to be more proactive and be more able to share support for learners of all ages, backgrounds, and levels.”

“I am interested in joining TKE because I believe it is an organization that values innovation, collaboration, and leadership. I am confident that I can make a significant contribution to TKE and help the organization achieve its goals.”
My desire to join the Board of TKE came from following Maija on social media.  Her passion showed through when expressing things the group was involved in.  Educating the generations after mine is very important to me, so when I have the opportunity to assist in any way, I’m normally there to volunteer.  Following a face to face meeting with Maija about TKE and it’s mission, I told her I would help in any way I can.  I believe the way I teach finances can benefit those wanting to learn how money really works.

“I want to be part of an organization that fosters education, advocacy, equity, and cultural diversity. For youth to grow and aspire to become humble and courageous citizens, we must be leaders and advocates of health, and social, financial, and cultural awareness so that the impact of our lives is recognized with unity and solidarity. I wanted to be able to strengthen my skills and also learn about the dynamics of leadership and the groundings of teamwork. More importantly, execute and address the challenges that youth and families encounter when it comes to daily living and success. Finally, offering resources and guidance for the needs of families, youth, and caregivers so that they can reach the highest level of empowerment and healthy living.”


Co-founder & CEO
“I want to reinvent education for our community! I worked in the public school system and behavior therapy services for 4 years with children with disabilities. I loved helping the families improve their home situation and watch the children’s improvements. However, our current education system is flawed due to teachers required to teach to a test which leads to parents forced to seek tutoring for their child they cannot afford. So I was excited to be asked by Jim (founder of TKE) to help build up the vision for affordable educational services, so anyone can have access to quality education in their community!”
Project Lead
“I believe there are endless paths to impacting the world for the better. I was fortunate to succeed in leading teams globally in the IT industry with a high school degree. I am here to share the alternative to our education system that has numerous people of all backgrounds falling through the cracks without learning there are other means to success. I am a product of mentorship, principles gained through reading, and a servant heart that I see existing in the founders and team. I am honored to be working as a jack-of-all-trades, but primary the treasurer to support the vision shared by the team at TKE.”
Chief Communications Officer
Education is a fundamental right that should be accessible to all, regardless of socioeconomic status or background. I am passionate about contributing to this cause and eager to serve with a team of dedicated volunteers and professionals at the Knowledge Exchange (TKE). I am dedicated to doing my best when assisting with our mission of bridging the gap in educational opportunities and empowering individuals.
Chief Financial Officer
My interest in knowledge exchange stems from my belief that helping people access good, quality educational tools is a worthy effort. I would very much like to be on a team that provides access to education in an innovative way, which is exactly what I feel The Knowledge Exchange does. I am excited to work with The Knowledge Exchange to achieve these goals. While I did not pursue a career in the education field like my mother, I have always been drawn to contributing to programs that enhance communities or individuals’ chances of getting an education. I have participated in less formal educational projects /contributions directly impacting individuals in my immediate community and extended family circle. While I have participated in pro bono initiatives on behalf of previous employers, I have never formally participated on behalf of myself to this extent (i.e., volunteering for a specific role), and I am excited about it.
Chief Marketing Officer
I was drawn to The Knowledge Exchange because of its steadfast commitment to ensuring that quality education is accessible to all individuals. The belief that education should be a universal right deeply resonates with me and reflects my own values. Joining TKE presents an incredible opportunity for me to use my background in marketing to contribute to a cause that I am truly passionate about. I am enthusiastic about the chance to work alongside like-minded individuals who are dedicated to creating positive change in the world through education.
Chief Development Officer
A huge part of my experience has been with non-profit organizations. Even after I moved here to the US and
worked in the private sector, I was always thinking about opportunities to work for non-profit and helping
others. I wanted a place where I could use my knowledge and experience to bring light and hope to others.
There is a personal satisfaction for me, by observing others’ happiness or just by being able to help someone
you know who needs your help.
As someone who observes and analyses things around me and in society, I always said that, if we need a
better society tomorrow, we need to start with the children today. So, for me, joining TKE to help kids and
young people is like “parched ground waiting for the rainfall ”.