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Below are the details for the most recent scholarships given on behalf of TKE donors. Applicants should thoroughly read the details of each scholarship, and submit all application requirements by the due date. A decision letter will be sent to all applicants roughly five(5) business days after due date.

All applicants are allowed only one(1) pending application. Applicants must wait for a decision letter before applying for a new scholarship.

Unless specifically stated, applicants do not have to be current TKE students 


01/12/2021; 12AM

Application + Essay / K-12

250 USD


This scholarship is given in honor of Samanata “Sam” Shrestha. Samanata, which means Equality in Nepalese, was a loyal friend, talented musician, devoted citizen, and aspiring physician. She stayed grounded and kind, even in moments of greatest difficulty. Her memory lives on in those who were uplifted by her dauntless spirit.

This scholarship is intended for a student who exemplifies Sam’s traits of Creativity, Resilience, and Compassion and ideally will benefit their interests in the Arts or Sciences.  

Applicants should write a brief essay (250 words or less) about how they exemplify one or more of the traits and how they plan to use the scholarship fund to further their studies.

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