MAY 2021

Find out what all the controversy is about with the new plan for a CONSOLIDATED DIPLOMA in Virginia. This could mean a change from the 2 current options of Standard and Advanced to just one mainstream education option. (The Applied Studies program for disabled students would stay the same.) But is this new idea good or bad? 

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April 2021

When we think of the losses from the last year due to the pandemic, learning loss comes to mind , but it’s more complex than that. This newsletter is dedicated to solutions for pandemic setbacks. Also, check out our summer program!

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back to school - TKE, The Knowledge Exchange

march 2021

March brings many ups and downs. Learning loss has become a concern for many parents since the pandemic began. We discuss the realities of the education situation and what you can do to help your family. We also talk about plans for summer school. We are offering FREE TUTORING in March, so don’t miss out!

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february 2021

In this edition of TKE INC’s ‘Education Today’, Catherine Woodard shares some ideas on how to make learning fun during a pandemic. Take a look at virtual field trips and other things you can’t normally do at school! Also included are some TKE news updates like what we have planned for Patreon, fundraising, and a guide to Canvas (a virtual learning platform used by schools).

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Angie Penn, TKE, The Knowledge Exchange, co-founder and CMO

Contributor: Catherine Woodard

Lead Editor 

Angie Penn, TKE, The Knowledge Exchange, co-founder and CMO

Contributor: Angie Penn

Co-founder and CMO


In the 2nd edition of TKE INC’s ‘Education Today’, Catherine Woodard gives some important pointers for parents on how to help their children in virtual schooling, along with some useful tips for readers on how to de-stress during these challenging times. 

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Contributor: Catherine Woodard

Lead Editor 

july 2020

In the inaugural version of The Knowledge Exchange’s ‘Education Today’ publication, Jimmy Shing and Erin Blakley review the impact that COVID has left on the education system, along with what a return to classrooms this fall might look like for the majority of schools. 

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Contributor: Jimmy Shing

Founder and CE

Contributor: Erin Blakley

Board Member