Below are the upcoming events either: 1) directly from TKE or 2) directly from our partners 

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Date: 07/26/20                                     Time: 12-12:30 PM


MEDITATION and yoga principle 

Board Member and yoga teacher Erin B will host a 30-minute practice and discussion, with a different focus on a yoga principle each month. This event is open to all ages!

Beginning with introductions, we will discuss the yoga principle for the day. We will learn about ways to notice our feelings by paying attention to our bodies through asana or meditation. Finally, we will talk about what we experienced. We will practice listening to each other with respect and kindness.

All ticket proceeds are tax deductible donations to your choice of either TKE or this month’s featured charity: NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund 

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Date: 08/15/20                                     Time: 2:00 PM


Jimmy shing’s personal finance seminar

Join founder and CE of The Knowledge Exchange Inc, Jimmy Shing, in a 45 min seminar of some of the most essential knowledge in personal finance that will help you and your family become more financially stable.

Seminar #1 Agenda:
  1. Introductions
  2. The current reality: why most Americans need to save more and why most advisors will lead you in the wrong direction
  3. The most practical and efficient way to save and what are some important things to do with the money saved
  4. Principal Investment Strategies you can do right now that has been proven to work
  5. Remaining Time: Q&A

Participants will be prompted during ticket checkout to direct their proceed to either:

1) The Knowledge Exchange 2) ACLU

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Date: 09/12/20                                     Time: 12:00 PM

Virtual -Google Meet

david curameng’s personal finance seminar

Finance 101: Budgeting Focus and Knowing Your Worth

• Intro: Who is this guy?

o Education

o Work, Entertainment, and Finance Experience

• Why Budgeting?

• The value of money.

• Your own perception of money

• The importance of budgeting and always knowing your expenses

o Live Exercise with Google Drive Budget Tracker that I’ve used with Entertainment clients

o Income

o Fixed Expenses: Expenses that Will Always Need to Be Paid For

o Variable Expenses: Expenses that can be eliminated and discretionary. Examples: Dining Out, Movies, Subscriptions

• Tips to bring your costs down:

o Coupons (Paper & Electronic)

o “Discounts”: A 50% “discount” on Black Friday is actually the lowest dollar amount a retail store is willing to sell an item to you as a consumer.

o Larger Purchases: The art of the negotiation. “I’m not interested.”

• Know your worth.

o Not being handicapped by what statistics will try to design you to be

o The importance of information, and the realization that no one is smarter than you.

Date: 09/19/20                                     Time: 11 AM


Marcus lawrence’s personal fitness workshop

Join veteran of the fitness industry, Marcus L, in a productive personal fitness class! No experience require! All levels of fitness can join!

  • Circuit training with bodyweight and a timer, in addition to how to properly do the variations of each exercise.
  • How to workout with no equipment, and in the safety of your own home.